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Brand story



The Habo team was established in September 2010 as a design studio. On July 15, 2015, Dongguan Habo Industrial Product Design Co., Ltd. was formally registered. The company is located in Songyuan, Junda West Road, Dongkeng Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. Innovation and Technology City.

Habo is composed of professional talents of world-renowned brand companies. It is a technological innovation enterprise integrating design, development and sales. It has reached a strategic partnership with more than 60 enterprises. The company is dedicated to industrial design, exterior design, structural design, project research and development, intelligent 

Based on the principles of honesty, gratitude and customer supremacy, the company has established five “heart” service teams based on innovative design, market demand, cost-effectiveness, and humanistic design. It has become an industrial product design company with global concern; a source of pleasant life. In people's lives, "Harbor" is your harbor of happiness and peace, "Hubble" broad feelings, "Hubble" long-term goal is to guarantee your confidence, the company has more than 20 years of experience in industrial designers, structure Engineers, sales talents, create a sunny life for you!

Company culture



Business competition and market competition promote the continuous progress of society. Innovation comes from inspiration. It is inspired by the accumulation of knowledge by nature and designers. It transforms into the value of the enterprise through the integration, transformation, promotion and breakthrough of bottlenecks in the product. Knowledge is power, and transforming the form of knowledge into a form of productivity is a process that any company develops inevitably, but how to be invincible in a highly competitive and realistic society! This depends on the corporate culture of a company. Since its founding, the Habo team has repaid society with honesty, gratitude, innovation, excellence, challenge, and five “heart” level services to create lasting value for customers; Habo has its own Values, sense of mission of the team, adherence to their own beliefs, and efforts for common goals.

Habo Vision: To become a company that is concerned about the design of industrial products;
Habo mission: Designing a brand;
The Habo Program: Serve the "five" heart-level service, with sincerity, concentration, meticulousness, patience, and confidence as the guarantee, leading the trend, and moving toward the world.
Habo team: Only talent is used, honest, positive, friendly, passionate, professional, and paid;
Habo Responsibilities: Giving back gratitude, and transforming innovation into corporate value to serve the society;
Habo's values: Outstanding products are derived from inspiration and innovation, driven by innovative breakthroughs, corporate returns to society, and continuous social progress;
Habo's slogan: Unite, develop innovatively, challenge the limits, and achieve the future.


Company positioning



Integrate nature into one and use its inspiration to create a brand of global technology innovation product design company!



Harbor team

If a company does not have a good team, or if the team lacks cohesiveness, it can't take a long way. The Habo team has its own common goals and has an excellent design team, R&D team, and sales team; after 8 years of hardship and rain And sharpening, the team's execution force has been effectively played, the team's cohesiveness has obviously improved, and in the past few years, it has created one miracle after another! Fairness, fairness, team interests, supremeness, everyone will pay off as long as they have to pay; Habo people have a grateful heart, a strong sense of social responsibility, good communication between teams, a serious and responsible attitude toward the team, integrity, Enthusiasm, mutual trust, mutual appreciation, mutual respect, understanding and mutual tolerance; Habo people have their own beliefs, have their own dreams, Habo people can find a sense of belonging, accomplishment and sense of honor here, so that the team In the first place, dare to take risks, interact and help each other among team members, cooperate with each other, encourage each other, cooperate with understanding, embrace harmony, avoid weaknesses, surpass self, effectively develop team potential, and use team's wisdom to explore the vastness. bright future!


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